Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Links on Kitzmiller v. Dover

He beat me to it!

Wesley R. Elsberry has posted Waterloo In Dover: The Kitzmiller v. DASD Case links to major resources regarding the case at Panda's Thumb. They are in a sidebar. The main post itself begins with the conlusion to the decision handed down by Judge John Jones III. I will undoubtedly be reading the whole thing (139 pages) over the weekend, but from what I have seen so far, it is both unsparing and definitive.

One of the earlier articles to appreciate the historic importance of this decision appeared overseas in the Guardian Unlimited (UK):

"Yesterday's verdict concludes a trial that was seen as the most important legal review of science and religion since the 1920s. It arrives at a time when the teaching of evolution is under attack in school districts from Georgia to Kansas and when the school district in Dover was seen as the cutting edge of a new effort by the religious right to inject its views into America's state school system.

"Judge Jones's verdict was ambitious in scope, dealing not only with the actions of the Dover school district but also with the very notion of 'intelligent design', an idea which surfaced 15 years ago following the failure of earlier efforts to introduce traditional biblical creationism in public schools."

US judge bans intelligent design from science lessons
Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington
Wednesday December 21, 2005

For a good overview of why the trial turned out this way, you might try:

Kitzmiller et al versus Dover Area School District
a report by Burt Humburg & Ed Brayton
Date: December 20th, 2005


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