Sunday, January 29, 2006

Things have been a little busy...

Well, things have been a little busy the past few weeks, largely at work. I have had to go in a couple of weekends in a row. However, PZ recently posted a short piece on abiogenesis and whether or not it is a cop-out to separate it from "the theory" of evolution (as creationists would prefer to refer to evolutionary biology). My own thoughts on the matter is that while abiogenesis (or "prebiotic chemistry," as some might choose to refer to the area) is certainly a part of evolutionary science, but in a certain sense, it lies at the borderline of evolutionary biology -- by definition. And as one of his commentors put it, the attempt to shift the subject (can you say "red herring" three times fast?) by creationists from evolutionary biology to abiogenesis is just that: an attempt to shift the subject from that which we know a great deal about to that which we know a great deal less about -- then argue that since we don't have a great deal in the way of established knowledge regarding the origin of life, we can't possibly argue that we know anything about the evolution of life, either.

In any case, I have been holding back on a post while trying to put together material for some other posts -- partly because this deals with religion (which I would prefer not to blog on too much) rather than the technical stuff, but somehow the post just below (entitled "A Test for Intelligent Design Proponents") seems appropriate, relevant even, to PZ's. Incidentally, I have some other links to articles on abiogenesis which you might want to check out.


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